How to apply

In order to apply, please click here.

You will also need to supply the originals of the following :

1. Statement of Graduation/ Secondary School General Certificate
2. Qualification (proof of pending qualifications can be supplied once you have received your official results)

– High School Diploma
– A’Level Certificate
– International Baccalaureate Certificate
– Other Qualification (if applicable)

3. IELTS score (or equivalent)
4. Passport Copy
5. CPR Copy
6. Two photographs (high-resolution, with white background)
7. Medical Report from a Public Health Centre or an approved Health Institution
8. Reference Letter from Counselor / Teacher / Principal
9. Ministry of Education letter of equalization (for private schools only)

Once you’ve applied online or by filling out the admission form, you would be receiving an acknowledgement letter along with an invoice for the application fee. On the payment of the application fee, you would be receiving the conditional / unconditional offer letter along with an invoice for the registration fee (typically within a week). Once the registration fee is paid, your place would be confirmed at BUB.

For an appointment with a member of our Recruitment and Outreach team, or if you have any queries, please contact: [email protected], Tel: +973 17130303 or WhatsApp: +973 38030303