BSc (Hons) Psychology


BSc (Hons) Psychology


Psychology is all about people, the study of the human mind and human behaviour. As such psychology graduates are often selected, in many different workplaces, as these specialist skills apply to a wide range of career choices.
Informed by the latest research, we work closely with organisations from both the public and private sector to ensure our teaching is at the forefront of current practice.
This Psychology Degree course is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and opportunities for learning a wide range of psychological concepts. It has a practical approach to developing your research skills and encourages you to apply the theory to actual real-world situations.
Of course, this qualification can enable a career as a chartered psychologist. However, you may choose to take a post in advertising, marketing or even retail management. Whatever direction you choose, the key skills within this degree programme ensure that you will be both accomplished and imaginative in your chosen career.

You will:
• Learn about the core areas of Psychology – Biological, cognitive, developmental, social and the individual differences.
• Learn to be a critical thinker, able to consider a problem, develop a research plan and then execute that plan.
• Be able to choose from optional modules, allowing you to explore areas of personal interest and appropriate to your future career choice.
• Effectively complete a wide range of psychological testing, in a comfortable and friendly learning environment.

  • PROGRAMME Undergraduate Degree
  • DURATION 4 Years
  • LANGUAGE English

Year 1 - Foundation Year

The Foundation Year of this four year degree course has been designed to bridge the gap between High School learning and effective Honours Degree study. The foundation modules mainly focus on the development of key skills, including studying independently and collaboratively, professional and academic writing, critical thinking, and various quantitative techniques. A key focus of your first year at the British University is a collaborative project, where you will work together with other students, to develop effective solutions to real-world problems.
Modules include:
• Critical and Reflective Thinking
• Human Rights
• Arabic for Business (Arabic Speakers) / Critical Reading (Non Arabic Speakers)
• Multi-Disciplinary Project
• Introduction to Psychology
• Applied Mathematics
• The Modern History of Bahrain

Year 2

• Introduction to Research Methods
• Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology
• Psychology in Contemporary Contexts
• Introduction to Individual Differences
• Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
• The Science of Psychology

Year 3

• Further Research Methods
• Biological Psychology
• Cognitive Psychology
• Developmental Psychology
• Individual Differences
• Social Psychology

Year 4

• Dissertation

• Statement of Graduation (Secondary School General Certificate).
• High School Diploma with an overall average of 75% over the last 3 Years of High School (Years 10, 11 and 12).
• IELTS Academic Test Result of 5.5 Minimum, with a Minimum of 5.0 in Each Individual Component.

For Direct Entry

6.0 with No Element Less Than 5.5 (or Equivalent).
A Level:
BBC-112 Points
BTEC National Diploma:
International Baccalaureate:
31 Points

You should be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the discipline of psychology and behavioural analysis.
You will have strong written skills and a specific aptitude for research, together with a desire to explore all areas of psychology.
You should also have an enthusiasm to discover more about a range of different human behaviours.

Our BSc Psychology Degree course is for you if:
• You are naturally inquisitive and curious about a range of human behaviours.
• You have strong written skills and a particular aptitude for research.
• You would like to progress into a career where you can make a real difference and gain satisfaction from making a positive change to society.