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English Language Test | BUB

The BUB English Language Test can help you through our Admissions process.

We usually require our applicants to demonstrate their English Language ability with an IELTS certificate.
However, we understand that obtaining an IELTS certificate may not be possible because of the current restrictions.
Therefore, The British University of Bahrain and the BUB Head of English Language, Sarah Burton, are here to help.
We have created an English Language Entrance Test, available now, online.

The test focuses on the four key areas of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Successful completion of this entrance test will demonstrate your English language ability. This will also allow you to continue through our application process.

If you have any questions about the BUB English Language Entrance Test, please contact our Head of English Language – E-Mail Sarah Burton
Alternatively, please contact any member of the BUB Team here – Contact Us

This is NOT an IELTS Test | This English Test is for BUB entrance purposes


How To Apply For The BUB English Language Test

Follow the process below to complete your online test and take the first step towards your UK Degree Course, at the British University of Bahrain:
Step 1 – Submit your BD50 Online Test Fee | Payment Options below:

Step 2 – You will receive an E-Mail with a unique link to the listening, reading and writing sections of our online test. This part ot the overall test will take around two hours.
Please Note – You may commence this test at your convenience but once you start the test, you must complete it. Therefore, please ensure that you allow enough time to complete the test. Also ensure your computer has good internet connection, a stable power source and the sound is working.

Step 3 – At the end of the 2 hour test, you will be re-directed to an online calendar where you can select a convenient appointment for your online speaking assessment. This will take a maximum of 15 minutes.
Please Note – Please ensure your computer is adequately prepared. Also make sure that the webcam, microphone and audio are all functioning correctly. This will enable you to be seen, heard and for you to clearly hear your examiner.

English Language Test | Payment Options

Bank Transfer – Please Use The Following Information:

Bank account | British University of Bahrain
Bank | Arab Bank
Account Number | 2002-685526-510
IBAN | BH34 ARAB 0200 2685 5265 10
On Completion – Please E-Mail your Payment Reference.

You Can Pay the Test Fee Using SADAD

Click Here – To make a SADAD Payment Link request.
We will then e-mail the unique SADAD link directly to you.

Alternatively – Click Below for Details of How to Pay Using BenefitPay: