The British University of Bahrain | Ministry Approved

HEC Letter | Ministry Approved

The British University of Bahrain is delighted to receive a Letter from the HEC to advise that BUB has been Ministry Approved.

As one of the newest Universities in Bahrain and working in partnership with the University of Salford-Manchester, BUB is able to bring British degrees to Bahrain, from one of the leading Universities in the UK.

The students of Bahrain can now commence a British Bachelors degree or Postgraduate British Masters degree, exclusively at BUB and uniquely, students now have an option to transfer their course studies to the UK, at the University of Salford, for the start of any subsequent academic years.

As detailed in the attached HEC Letter, Click the link below, the Ministry have approved all of the UK degree courses delivered at the British University of Bahrain and if you choose to complete your studies here in Bahrain, your UK degree certificate will still be proudly awarded by the University of Salford.

HEC Letter – English

ترخيص الأمانة العامة لمجلس التعليم العالي