Academic Bursary Scheme

BUB believes in rewarding academic excellence and in attracting the most able students from Bahrain and the wider region. All applicants who meet our admissions criteria will be invited to sit for the BUB Academic Bursary Examination. Students who perform exceptionally well in this examination will be entitled to fee reductions of up to 30% for the duration of their studies. Details of when the next examinations are to be held will be given to you once your application has been received.


BUB has made four full scholarships a year available through the Sheikh Isa Endowment Fund. To avail this, kindly contact the Ministry of Education.

Transfer Scholarships

BUB has made transfer scholarships available aswell, This is for students who have completed their Foundation Year in another University and they plan to shift to BUB for continuing the degrees.

BUB will consider applications for financial aid in cases of hardship on a case by case basis.