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BUB Scholarships can reduce your course fees | At the British University of Bahrain we believe in rewarding academic excellence and in attracting the most able students from Bahrain and the wider region. We aim to provide a nurturing academic environment to enable our students to maximise their potential, achieve their academic goals and successfully step into their chosen career.

BUB | Academic Excellence Scholarship

Our Academic Excellence Scholarships are for students who have excelled academically in High School.
Students who meet the following requirements, will automatically receive this Scholarship without any additional tests or interviews:

BUB | Transfer Scholarship

BUB offers transfer Scholarships for students who plan to transfer from another University, to continue their studies at the British University of Bahrain.
Transfer to BUB and receive an automatic 25% Scholarship, upon the completion of your application.
Contact Us Now to discuss your transfer options and study a British degree course, awarded by the University of Salford-Manchester.

BUB | Merit Scholarship

Applicants not in receipt of our automatic Academic Excellence Scholarship, can elect to undertake our Scholarship examination.
Students who perform exceptionally well in this exam, will qualify to reduce their course fees by up to 25%, for the duration of their studies at BUB.
Details of our Merit Scholarship examinations will be sent to you, on the successful completion of our application process.

Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Scholarship

The British University of Bahrain has made four full scholarships a year available, through the Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Charitable Trust. If you would like to submit an application for this Scholarship, kindly contact the Ministry of Education.

Ministry of Education Scholarship

We have made a number of full scholarships a year available, through the Ministry of Education. Please contact the Ministry directly, for more information and details of how to apply.

BUB will consider applications for financial aid in cases of hardship on a case by case basis.

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