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BUB | College of Engineering and the Built Environment

The College of Engineering and the Built Environment brings together the University of Salford’s internationally renowned provision in Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Construction Project Management. Our British education programmes have been selected to reflect the demand for skilled professionals, both in the engineering and construction sectors in Bahrain and the wider GCC region. They have all been developed in close collaboration with industry and the relevant professional bodies. Students of the College will gain real-world practical experience of the sectors, where they will eventually work, as well as cutting-edge professional and academic knowledge.

BUB | College of Information and Communications Technology

The College of Information and Communications Technology has a dual education focus on both Computer Networks and Software Engineering. Almost all areas of modern life have been transformed by computers and The University of Salford’s programmes, in these areas, emphasise the solution of current and future real-world challenges. The study of Computer Networks will equip students with an up-to-date education in the role of communications and networking, in modern organisations and provide them with both the technical expertise and theoretical knowledge, to make an immediate impact in the workplace upon graduation. The study of software engineering covers all aspects of the modern science of computer programming and educates students with the technical knowledge and skills to create software solutions across all sectors of industry. Our BSc Computer Science with Cyber Security degree programme is one of our most popular degree courses. Providing students with the required skills to help guard against personal data loss, potential data breaches and the infiltration of various I.T systems. This will help future businesses and organisations to reduce their risk and help to keep their systems and data secure.
The newest UK Degree programme available at BUB is the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course. Students now have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of creative processes. This will equip students with the necessary skills to find effective solutions, to increasingly complex challenges, in the specific field of visual communication.
The University of Salford’s programmes, in these particular areas, have been developed in close collaboration with the British Computer Society, which ensures that they meet the current industry standards for IT professionals.

BUB | College of Business

Whatever industry or sector our graduates ultimately work in or even if they choose to become entrepreneurs, professional business disciplines are essential for the success of any organisation. Our Business College brings together internationally recognised expertise, in Business and Management, from the University of Salfords Business School. Accounting, Finance and Marketing principles also offer Bahrain students a unique world-class education, across all of these key business fields. The proud addition of the prestigious LLB UK Law Degree Program combines an intellectually challenging curriculum with industry focus, preparing our students to progress to a high level legal career. Career success is the priority and the University of Salfords Law modules are designed around the current needs of the legal profession. With equal emphasis on professional skills development students will have the opportunity to practise your learning during an optional one year work placement, where students can put their recently acquired academic knowledge into practice.
BUB’s close relationships, in the world of business and finance, will ensure that our students gain practical understanding and experience, in addition to technical and academic knowledge.