BUB Foundation Certificate (with Intensive English)


BUB Foundation Certificate (with Intensive English)


You can commence the BUB UK NARIC benchmarked Foundation Certificate programme in September 2021 and apply to a UK University of your choice for September 2022 start.

You can also start your University of Salford UK Degree at BUB in September 2021 and progress to Year 2 in September 2022, with UK transfer opportunities during the remainder of your UK Degree studies at BUB.

Alternatively, if you require additional assistance with English but wish to study in Bahrain, you can start our UK NARIC benchmarked Foundation Certificate programme in September 2021 and progress to Year 2 of any BUB UK Degree course in September 2022. This option also has UK transfer opportunities, during the remainder of your studies at BUB, should you wish to continue or complete your studies in the UK.

You will:
• Develop the necessary skills to successfully complete your chosen degree.
• Receive expert tuition from experienced University staff.
• Be taught English language classes by native English speaking staff.
• Effectively transition from High School learning to self-directed study and research.
• Gain a UK NARIC approved certificate, for direct entry to most UK Universities.

The BUB Foundation Certificate programme provides students with extensive training in English Language and Mathematics with an introduction to the fundamentals of the discipline they will later study at degree level. English Language at BUB is taught in small groups, with additional workshops and tutorials, to ensure that our students reach the required level for direct entry to a UK degree course.

  • PROGRAMME Foundation Certificate
  • DURATION 1 Year
  • LANGUAGE English

Year 1 - Foundation Year

The BUB Foundation Certificate has been designed to bridge the gap between High School and UK Degree study. The modules focus on the development of key skills, including studying independently and collaboratively, critical thinking, academic and professional writing and quantitative techniques. A key focus of the BUB Foundation programme is additional and intensive English language study. This is to raise English proficiency, in preparation for progression to Year 2 at BUB or direct entry to Level 4 of a UK University course.

Semester 1 Modules:
• English
• Foundation Mathematics
• Human Rights
• The Modern History of Bahrain

Semester 2 Modules (Compulsory):
• English
• Digital Skills

Semester 2 Modules (Options):
• Mathematics for Engineering and Technology
• Quantitative Methods for Business and Social Sciences

• Arabic for Business Communications
• Critical Reading

• Statement of Graduation (Secondary School General Certificate).
• High School Diploma with an overall average of 75% over the last three years of high school (Years 10, 11 and 12).
• IELTS Academic Test Score of 4.5 minimum in Writing, with a minimum of 4.0 in Reading, Speaking and Listening.

A non-native speaker of English intending to study a UK degree course at BUB or at a University in the United Kingdom.
Completed high school education in Bahrain but does not yet have the qualifications for direct entry to a UK Degree course.

Please Note – As the BUB Foundation Certificate is recognised and approved by UK NARIC, successful completion of this one year programme will provide direct entry to Year 2 of any UK degree course at BUB or direct Level 4 entry at most Universities in the UK.