The Re-Opening Plans of the British University of Bahrain in the Light of COVID-19

September 6, 2020 Uncategorized
The British University of bahrain Re-Opening Plans - BUB will adopt blended learning, face to face classes with strictly controlled social distancing and online classes using Collaborate Ultra.

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The British University of Bahrain | Re-Opening Plans

For the first semester of the 2020/21 academic year, BUB will adopt a blended approach to delivery.
Students will be taught through a combination of online classes using our sophisticated online delivery tool ‘Collaborate Ultra’ and where necessary, face to face classes. These classes will be on campus, under strictly managed conditions.
CV-19 has affected every industry in Bahrain and indeed, around the world. Current restrictions mean that our academic year will not commence as in previous years. However, with careful planning and professional advice, we are committed to ensuring that the disruption is minimal.
Further to this, the BUB campus has now been prepared according to Ministry of Education guidelines. Also, extensive measures are now in place to ensure that a safe level of social distancing is maintained, on campus, at all times.
We would like to take this opportunity to assure all of our new and returning students, that every measure has been and will continue to be taken, to safeguard the health of everyone at BUB.
Professor Keith Sharp – BUB President, commented:
“We have carefully considered the Ministry of Education guidelines and the best advice available on the current level of COVID-19 risk, when considering the re-opening plans of the British University. We have developed a strategy that seeks to provide the best possible learning experience, whilst also ensuring maximum safety. We are confident that our powerful online learning tools, the expertise of the BUB staff in blended learning techniques, together with limited and strictly managed physical attendance on campus, will make for a safe, educationally productive and enjoyable student experience.”

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