BUB ICT College Students and Faculty Publish Joint Research Papers

April 5, 2020 Announcement
BUB is proud to announce that our Computer Networks Students had five papers accepted, in the 3rd Smart Cities Symposium, of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

BUB ICT College Publish Research Papers

BUB is delighted to announce the recent achievement of our ICT College Students and Faculty. Our Computer Networks students and staff had five papers accepted at the 3rd Smart Cities Symposium. This prestigious event is in conjunction with The Institution of Engineering and Technology – IET

The students and staff completed all of this research in addition to their regular studying and teaching commitments. This is an outstanding achievement and we hope to see more submissions in the future. We are so proud of our students and staff for their dedication. We are also proud to have them as BUB ambassadors, in their chosen field of study, representing the British University of Bahrain.
Their submissions are under the following titles:

Enhanced Features of Smart Parking System

By Ahmed Mubarak | Khalifa Showaiter | Alaa Al-Hamami | Ali AlSoufi

IOT Theft Capture System

By M.Almawlani | K.Alalawi | Alaa Al-Hamami | Ali AlSoufi
This is a great example of the practical skills that BUB promises its students. This also shows how students learn to publish their practical research work in esteemed conferences. In addition, this also reflects on the exceptional support provided by our staff. We would therefore like to thank our dedicated staff for their guidance and continued support in the BUB ICT College Research department.

Our ICT Lecturer – Ms Elham Eskandar also had three papers accepted in the Bahrain IET’s 3rd Smart Cities Symposium.
Her submissions are under the following titles:

What Prophet Says about Electrical Consumption – Forecasting Techniques for Big Temporal Data

By Elham Eskandar

A Review of Smart Meter Load Forecasting Techniques: Scale and Horizon

By Elham Eskandar

Predication of Future Energy Consumption Using SARIMAX

By Elham Eskandar
BUB congratulates all the students and staff of our ICT faculty for their achievements. We continue to actively support research and we wish them all every success in the future.