BUB Academic Staff Adapt to a New Teaching Environment

December 13, 2020 Uncategorized

BUB Online Teaching Environment | Click below for an insight into a Lecturers View of Online Teaching:


The British University of Bahrain has always made use of the very latest technology to enhance the BUB student learning experience and to provide an effective online teaching environment.
Due to the worldwide pandemic and the recent COVID restrictions, we have invested in the latest technology, to expand our range of online teaching equipment and maintain the best student learning experience.

This above video was produced to give the students of Bahrain a rare insight into the unusual challenges now faced by the BUB academic staff and University lecturers. Our staff are now delivering most of our UK degree course modules remotely, adapting their existing teaching methods to an online platform.

With less on campus classes and more reliance on our new state-of-the-art interface systems, you can see the unique situations that the BUB teaching staff now find themselves in. The video shows the lecturers delivering information to what appears, from their perspective, to be an empty classroom. However, we believe that these new methods still provide our students with the best possible learning experience, under the current circumstances.

Check out the above video and please take a minute to consider how strange this new learning environment is for our teaching staff, previously engaged in mostly face-to-face interaction.

Commenting on this new environment, Mr Ron Howard – The Program Leader of our College of Business said:

“The onset of COVID-19 and the related need to protect the health and safety of students, necessitated a move to online learning. Yet switching from the traditional classroom and face to face instructor teaching to computer-based training, in a virtual classroom, provided unique challenges.
Amongst those challenges is the interaction between lecturers and their students. In physical classrooms the relationship between lecturers and students is dynamic and ongoing. Students who require individual assistance can be easily identified by a lecturer’s formative assessment. Once online, individuality tends to be lost as students become ‘names’ on a screen. Unless the lecturer devises methods to continually motivate the students through, for example, short quizzes, online surveys, etc. the lecturer will feel he/she is lecturing to an empty ‘online’ classroom.
Online learning is here to stay. As both lecturers and students become more proficient with its use, the learning experience will continue to be enhanced.”

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