BUB Meets HE British Ambassador Roddy Drummond in Preparation for Our New BUB Roundtable Podcast Launch

February 25, 2021 Announcement
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BUB Roundtable Podcast Programme | at the British University of Bahrain

The British University of Bahrain is proud to announce the launch of its new BUB CHANNEL and to premiere its first programme, BUB’s Roundtable. At BUB, we believe that universities should be the centre of all spheres, discussions and trends, a beacon for our youth to establish their own identities and philosophies.

We have noticed the new generation, that represents the largest socially active age group (18-35), can struggle to fully comprehend the jargon surrounding official reports, news, statements or press releases. Based on that, our youth begin to adopt principles and positions from others around them, without developing their own understanding.

The BUB Podcast Channel and specifically our new Roundtable programme, is a platform to bridge the new generation. We aim to achieve this with officials, in the form of a talk-show podcast, in a cosy and friendly setting. Our distinguished guests can then share their own opinions and thoughts, in layman’s terms, to help exhibit directions and achievements, while also sharing essential advice based on their own experiences.

This home-grown initiative was developed by our very own BUB Property and Real Estate students. Since last year, our students have been visiting senior officials such as Ministers, CEOs, and Ambassadors. They found these insights invaluable and felt that they should be shared, with a greater audience and in the unique form of a Podcast.

Full details of our exciting new Podcast Channel and our exclusive Roundtable programme will follow shortly.

We are also delighted to announce that our first distinguished guest will be HE British Ambassador Roddy Drummond, who will officially open the new BUB Podcast Channel.
Click the below link to view a recent virtual meeting with the British Ambassador. You will also hear a preview about the upcoming Podcast discussion area and the motivation for our Roundtable programme:

BUB Students and Mr Hamad Behzad Meet HE British Ambassador Roddy Drummond:


BUB Property and Real Estate Students Commented:

Ayman AlBahhari – ‘It is very interesting, as a BUB student, to be in the limelight of trending local and global topics.’
AlJoori AlMuhasen – ‘Understanding the direction officials, gives me a chance to align my studies and interests to hit the ground running in my career.’
Mohamed AlKhedri – ‘It is amazing to research VIP officials, meet them and ask them questions on our show’
Shaima AlSowaidi – ‘I feel I can now develop my own understanding on major topics.’
Faisal AlTaher – ‘I am more confident exploring different career pathways via our guests and their experiences.’

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