BUB Works with EWA and Their Employees for English Language Tests

July 2, 2020 Announcement
The British University of Bahrain is proud to announce our collaboration with the EWA, to provide a Secure English Language Test for the Employees of the Electricity and Water Authority in Bahrain. The Online English Language Test results are available within 24 hours and they are within the current IELTS guidelines.

EWA English Language Test | BUB Provides English Language Testing for EWA Employees


EWA English Language Testing – BUB is proud to work in collaboration with the Electricity and Water Authority in Bahrain (the ‘EWA’). We have now extended our English Language Testing Service to any of the Authority’s employees. This is an online test, completed remotely, with support from BUB staff and the EWA will have fast access to the results.

Further to our recent announcement, BUB now has an Online English Language Test, created in conjunction with our Head of English Language. This unique online testing technology, provides convenient online tests of English language competence. The test is now available to the EWA, for the English language testing of their employees.

In line with the current COVID-19 restrictions, our secure English tests are delivered entirely online. The results can be delivered to the EWA within 24 hours and BUB staff are available for support. Once again, BUB would like to thank all our dedicated English staff and IT support staff. Their contribution in creating this unique test was essential, to ensure its efficiency.

Commenting on our new collaboration, Dr Conrad Randall – Senior English Language Consultant said:

“We are very glad to have been able to call on our expertise to work with the Authority. This will provide a secure and effective testing service for all of their employees. In addition, during these challenging times, we have embraced modern technology to provide an online option. Thus removing the requirement to attend in person and equally, allowing the test to be completed in more familiar surroundings.”

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