BUB Invests in New Technology and the Latest Teaching Equipment

November 5, 2020 Announcement

Click below to See Some of BUB’s New Technology and Latest Equipment:


Here at the British University of Bahrain, we have always used the latest technology to facilitate our modern teaching methods and enhance the BUB student learning experience.
In light of the recent pandemic, we have recently invested in additional up-to-date equipment, to increase our range of on campus and online teaching facilities.

The new display screen in our main Auditorium has over 600 individual panels, electronically engineered to produce a single multifunctional and interactive AV solution.
Using the latest state-of-the-art interface system, this impressive screen mirrors any of the lecturers chosen devices. Anything from a laptop or an iPad to any brand of smartphone and even some smart watches. This provides ultimate teaching flexibility and an advanced learning experience for the BUB students.

Commenting on our New Technology, Dr Rowani – ICT College Program Leader said:

“At BUB, our emphasis is to prepare students for a career in industry. As a modern university our labs are equipped with world-class hardware and the latest software and simulation tools. This helps students plan, design, develop and build projects that can solve real world problems.
We use BlackBoard, the globally recognised software, for online teaching and learning. This system allows both students and lecturers to have instantaneous or ‘real-time’ interaction. BlackBoard also allows us to send announcements, communicate with all our students collectively, host group meetings and discussions and invite guest speakers to join our discussions. Students can also submit their assignments, complete their exams and even view their test results using BlackBoard.”

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