About Executive Education

BUB is committed to serving the economy of Bahrain by providing world-class Executive Education opportunities to private companies, the public sector and other organisations in the Kingdom and wider GCC region. Our philosophy is to be responsive to our clients’ needs; to work with our international partners to bring them leading-edge training and development opportunities.

At the heart of our approach is the recognition that in Executive Education one size does not fit all.  Instead, we believe in taking time to understand our clients’ needs, and tailoring solutions to ensure that those needs are met effectively and efficiently. In the sections which follow we have given examples of courses which have been developed for specific clients and which can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.  We have also given examples of broad areas where we have the expertise to help your organisation through training, development and consultancy activities. The list is not exhaustive, however, and if you have a need which we have not listed, do please get in touch at executiveeducation@bub.bh and we will do our best to help you.

Corporate Governance: 

The growth of regulation and the increasing demand for accountability has led most leading companies to realise that regular Board level education and training is an essential feature of good governance. From the evolving principles of good corporate governance and duties of the Director to highly technical subjects affecting the operation of the business, effective Boards need to be kept up to date and well-informed. BUB Executive Education works with a panel of international experts, all with extensive senior Board level experience, to provide Board-level training to all sectors.

Example of Corporate Governance Courses


The success or failure of any organisation can often be attributed to the quality of its leadership. Effective organisations do not only develop their top management, but recognise that skilled leadership is an attribute needed at all levels.  BUB Executive Education can offer a range of leadership interventions including established short-courses tailored for your organisation and bespoke courses and events designed for you.

Examples of Leadership Programmes 


From highly specialised topics in banking and finance to finance for non-specialists, the BUB team can offer executive programmes in all major areas of finance, tailored for Board members, C-Suite executives or other levels of management.

Examples of Finance Programmes

Risk and Reputation Management

Most modern organisations recognise the importance of reputation but few have dedicated structures and processes for its proactive management.  With the coming of the digital age, the opportunities for reputational damage are greater than ever and it has never been more vital for organisations to understand the nature of reputational risks and the actions necessary to mitigate them.

Examples of Risk and Reputation Management Courses